4'-0" Long Heavy Duty Fire Pit Poker

4'-0" Long Heavy Duty Fire Pit Poker
Item# Poker4ft

Product Description

This listing is for a heavy-duty, solid steel fireplace poker measuring 4 long. We also offer a 5 and 6 version. This handmade tool is constructed from solid square steel instead of flimsy tube steel. This poker is perfect for outside fire pits and bon fires. This fire pit essential is perfect for turning any size log to keep your fire beautiful while being long enough to maintain a safe working distance from the flames and cinders. The handle is hand bent at our shop and its unique shape helps maintain control of the poker while tending to the flames. The end of the poker is cut to a chisel like point and features an additional curved square bar welded on to the main shaft. This curved feature acts as a fork to push logs and a hook to pull them. Our product is finished in satin black. ********To our Canadian shoppers: this product ships only to regions where UPS standard ground service or USPS is available. Our shipping charges do not include the Duties and Taxes which will be required upon receipt. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these additional charges.*****

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